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Hudson Valley Birth & Bodywork Testimonials

Massage Therapy

"Dana is the best massage therapist who ever treated me. She is all about caring and healing. Dana listens to your concerns and tailors her work to help alleviate your discomforts. You can tell that she enjoys her work and is a very caring and giving person. You truly feel special when receiving work by Dana."

- J.B., age 44
Rhinebeck, NY

"Great massages from a warm, caring person who loves her work."

- M. M., age 60+
Retired Psychologist
Rhinebeck, NY

"Dana is professional, thorough and has a gentle way of putting her clients at ease."

- L. B., age 42
Special Education Teacher
Tivoli, NY

"There are very few massage therapists who can be called healers. Dana is one of these magical people. I always feel rejuvenated after a session."

- L. S., age 57
Sales Manager
Rhinebeck, NY

"I think Dana is wonderful! Both my wife and I receive massage from Dana every time we spend the weekend upstate. Dana's massages are healing for injured muscles and stress relieving for the whole body."

- T. R., age 48
Investment Banker
Germantown, NY

"Dana is intuitive in her work and instinctively " knows" what areas need the most attention and care."

- F. F.
Rhinebeck, NY

"Getting massage from Dana is a thoroughly delightful experience. She is caring and compassionate, a total pro. Her massages leave you feeling relaxed and energized. What more could one want?"

-E. M., age 70
Retired Public Relations Exec.
Red Hook, NY

"I suffered from tension headaches, stiff neck and digestive problems. With regular treatments I found great relief from these symptoms. Dana is especially good with treating tension in the shoulder, neck and head. I also found her a truly caring person with whom I felt completely relaxed and cared for."

-S. C., age 49
Rhinebeck, NY

"Dana has magical fingers that massage all of the tension out of my neck and back after I've been hunched over the computer too long on a deadline. I float out of her office, ready to tackle another book. And she's a wonderfully compassionate person as well. I only wish I could start every day with one of her massages!"

-N. F.
Red Hook, NY

Prenatal Massage Therapy

I have had the good fortune of going into labor shortly after a prenatal massage with Dana not once but TWICE! I sought Dana out after a friend told me how well a prenatal massage had worked for her. I wanted a completely natural labor and delivery experience from start to finish. At 39 weeks, I asked Dana to help my body start the labor process via prenatal massage and special induction points. The first time I saw Dana was on a Friday afternoon for a prenatal massage. Not only did the prenatal massage feel great but I started active labor the following morning. With my second pregnancy, I saw Dana on a Tuesday afternoon, and started laboring about 6 hours later. Both times, it was a gradual and natural laboring process and I was able to have the natural births that I had always envisioned. I don't think that I would have gone into labor had my body not been ready, but Dana was able to push me along at just the right time. I recommend Dana to everyone I know both pregnant and not - She has the perfect touch.

-Lisa Pearlman
Nurse Practitioner & Mother of Two

Dana had been my massage therapist well before my pregnancy. While pregnant, prenatal massage felt like one of the nicest pleasures. In addition to relieving the physical discomforts that occur during pregnancy, Dana's massages also relieved emotional anxiety I was experiencing.

-Diane B., age 39
American Sign Language Interpreter
Red Hook, NY

Doula Services

"Dana's hands, mind and spirit made my labor experience that much more enjoyable and tolerable for myself as well as my husband. We can't imagine ever having given birth without her there to assist us through. I highly recommend Dana for the gifts she possesses and brings to the birthing experience."

"I don't know how to begin to than you! We all greatly appreciate your involvement with the anticipation and final arrival of Kiersten. Your presence at the labor & delivery were something we'll never forget. It was a huge support for both Scott and I. We couldn't have done it without you."

-D. B., age 39
American Sign Language Interpreter
Red Hook, NY

"Dana's support during my pregnancy and labor helped put me in a calm, hopeful state of mind for what turned out to be an extraordinary birth. My husband was extremely grateful for her presence, and following her lead helped him be a strong, supportive birth partner. (and we laughed a lot too!)"

- K. H., age 35
Theatre Production
Hudson, NY

"It was very helpful to have an advocate who was familiar with the process and terminology who could explain things in "layman's terms." Dana allowed me to be a supportive spouse."

- A. H.
Hudson NY

"Although I am crazy about my husband, I knew he would not be able to give the kind of support I felt I needed when giving birth. Dana did! To have a woman who understands and has experience in birth gave me confidence, made me calm and made the whole experience excellent! It was the best decision I made!"

- M. A., age 38
Germantown, NY

"Dana is a fantastic doula and a wonderful person. I could not have gotten through my labor without her."

"Words cannot describe how much I appreciate all that have done for me. You are an absolutely amazing doula! I could not have gotten through my long and difficult labor without you. Thank you so much for your kind and skillful caring."

- V. S., age 37
Tivoli, NY

"Having Dana in the hospital room allowed me to relax about the details and concentrate on the job at hand - giving birth! I would recommend Dana a million times over, especially for the first time mom."

- K. K., Age 29
Poughkeepsie, NY

"I don't know where to begin thanking you for being such a patient and generous friend and amazing doula! We watched the labor video last night and I was reminded how important your healing hands and support were during that long process. Without you it would have been scary and miserable indeed. We are all so happy to share the start of our little family with you, and we will make sure Aidan never forgets who helped him into this world!"

- D. B., Age 31
Software Developer
Barrytown, NY

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