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Creating a Birth Plan

A birth plan is not really a “plan” at all. It is a list of your birth preferences that you will bring to your care provider and to the hospital when you are ready to deliver your baby. The list is not set in stone and you can change it at any time. The important thing to keep in mind when coming up with your list of preferences is to keep an open state of mind and be flexible! As we all know, birth is an unpredictable event and it is not about exercising control. It is about riding the wave of labor, tuning in with your body, and staying “open” (in more ways than one!)

Birth Plan Benefits

  • Can facilitate communication between you, your partner and your care provider
  • Helps hospital staff gets to know you more personaly and what your wishes are for your birth

Each care provider and hospital has a different set of mandatory procedures so it is best to bring in a copy of your finalized birth wishes to your obstetrician prior to your actual labor. This way you can go over it with him/her and discuss each preference. Your doctor makes the final decisions, not the hospital. When you are ready to bring your birth plan in to your next visit, I suggest you tell the receptionist booking the appointment that you will be bringing in your birth plan to go over with the doctor and you would like to request more time to do so. After you go over the plan with your doctor they will usually include the plan in your file so that it is automatically sent over to the hospital when you deliver. I suggest that you make 4 copies of your birth plan: 2 copies to put in your birth bag that you will bring with you to the hospital, 1 for your doctor to be placed in your file and 1 for your doula.

You can find many sample birth plans online. Download the sample birth plan questionnaire that I use with my clients when helping to create a birth plan. You can go through the list and check off the things that are most important to you and then narrow it down to a shorter, simpler list that will be the final draft. Long birth plans are often not received well at hospitals so it is advised to make yours as simple and easy to read as possible. The more organized and clear, the better. Good luck!

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