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Home Birth vs. Hospital Birth

Deciding where and with whom you will have your baby is a very personal choice. If you are unsure or have unanswered questions, this could effect you emotionally and psychologically which could then have a physical affect your body during labor.

There are different perspectives of maternity care and the childbearing process. Two contrasting perspectives are often called the "Midwifery Model of Care" and the "Medical Model of Care." There are significant differences in the two models. These differences can have a great impact on your birth experience and outcomes. Becoming educated about these different perspectives can help you to understand your own feelings and ideas about your body, your pregnancy and birth. It can also help you to select a Midwife or Doctor who is compatible with your needs. Trust and confidence in the person who will attend the birth of your child is of the upmost importance.

The environment in which you choose to birth your baby will also have an effect on your labor. Here in the Hudson Valley there are many options. You can choose to have a home birth with a midwife, a hospital birth with an obstetrician or deliver at a birthing center with a combined obstetric/midwifery practice. Every woman has the right to choose where she will be most comfortable giving birth and with whom she will feel most comfortable attending the delivery. Here are some differences between the two models of maternity care. Keep in mind that some practicioners do combine both models of care into their practices.

Medical Model of Care

  • Childbirth is viewed as a medical event
  • Focus is on “managing” the labor, problems and complications
  • Labor/birth is dependent on technology
  • Higher rates of using interventions such as: episiotomies, c-sections, epidurals, induction
  • Doctor delivers baby
  • Care is generally (but not always) less personal
  • Labor can often be rushed

Midwifery Model of Care

  • Childbirth is viewed as a natural normal process, not a medical event
  • Focus is on empowing mother to trust her own personal process
  • Mother gives birth to her baby with assistance of a midwife/ care provider
  • Care is very personal
  • A woman's labor takes as long as it (safely) needs to

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