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Dads/Partners & Hiring a Doula

Father and newborn

Hiring a Doula can be beneficial for the father in many ways as well as the laboring mother. Often, being at a birth is emotional and challenging for the father. He wants the best for the mother and baby but sometimes may feel helpless, that he doesn’t have all the answers and may be unfamiliar with labor and delivery terminology. It is unfair to expect fathers to know all the right questions to ask and to understand exactly what’s going on at every moment. Having a Doula present at the birth can take pressure off the dad so he can better support the mother and enjoy the birth experience more fully without the pressure of remembering everything he learned in a natural childbirth class!

For a dad who is willing to be the main support person at the birth, a Doula can be helpful by leading the way and showing him how to massage the mother and physically support her in different positions during contractions. If the father needs a break during a long labor, he can leave the birthing room to eat or drink knowing that the mother will not be left alone. Granted, the labor and delivery nurses are frequently in and out of the room when a woman is in labor but they are often caring for many women simultaneously and may not have the time to stay by her side.

It should be said that Doulas do not take over, or interfere in the birth process of the parents. My aim as a Doula is to bring a calm, grounded energy into the labor room and to work as a part of the team.

Some Resources for pregnant women and their partners:

“It was very helpful to have an advocate who was familiar with the process and terminology who could explain things in “layman’s terms.” Dana allowed me to be a supportive spouse.”

-Andrew H
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