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Massage Modalities

Perinatal Massage (Prenatal & Postpartum)

Perinatal Massage addresses the body’s adjustments to pregnancy and the postpartum period. Benefits include reducing swelling, increasing flexibility, promoting relaxation, increasing energy, and restoring length to muscles which may have compensated for postural changes. Massage during pregnancy is effective for the mother as well as the fetus. The therapist works on a massage table with the woman in a side-lying position using a pregnancy cushion system or pillows. (Tables with holes in the center are not recommended.)

For women who have gone past their due dates and want to avoid artificial induction, getting a massage that includes labor stimulating accupressure points can be helpful in getting labor to start.

Massage Therapists who offer prenatal massage should be certified in this technique as it is requires knowledge of specific points on the body which are contraindicated during pregnancy.

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage, the basic technique learned by therapists   trained in NY State, was developed in the eighteenth century by Per Henrik Ling, a Swedish fencing master and gymnastics instructor who studied martial arts. Using five basic strokes the therapist kneads, rolls and manipulates the muscle tissue to increase circulation, remove metabolic waste products from the tissues (i.e. lactic acid,) circulate lymph fluid, and decrease muscle spasm and inflammation. The therapist works with the client on a padded massage table using oil or lotion to allow the strokes to glide easily across the skin. Clients are undressed but lie under a sheet, towel or blanket to keep them warm and in respect of their modesty. Only the part of the body that is being massaged is uncovered. Swedish Massage is wonderful for anyone who wants to decompress and detoxify their system.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is a more detailed massage application to the deeper muscles and connective tissues for relief of chronic pain. Like Swedish Massage the therapist uses oil or lotion but less of it so as to get more friction between their hands and the client’s skin. Deep Tissue is a more intense massage and may have more lasting results. It is very effective for highly active people or people who have very physical jobs.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage is an ancient technique in which the body is massaged with warm, smooth, oiled, basalt stones. The stones are heated in hot water and then gently placed or stroked on areas of the body causing the heat to penetrate into the tissues. This form of massage is highly detoxifying. Clients often feel as though pain and tension are “melted” away. Most definitely a special treat during the cold months!

Aromatherapy Massage

An Aromatherapy Massage incorporates the use of aromatic “essential oils” extracted from flowers, plants, roots and trees into the massage session. The oils have aromatic therapeutic properties when they are inhaled and absorbed into the bloodstream. Some oils are used for relaxation, purification, to increase energy or detoxify. Others have antiviral and antibiotic properties. The therapist blends one or a few oils into the base oil they are using to massage you with.


An ancient technique based on the theory that reflex zones in the feet, hands and ears correspond to organs and areas in the rest of the body. Reflexology is highly relaxing to the entire body and very effective for people who do not want their entire body massaged or for elderly people who are frail.

Trigger Point Massage

Each muscle in the body has specific areas that become hypersensitive and painful when a muscle is in spasm or contraction. That pain can radiate or be “referred” to other parts of the body from that area and cause further problems. By applying deep, consistent finger or elbow pressure, the therapist locates the Trigger Points and overstimulats the points so that the muscle is forced to relax and “let go.” This is not necessarily a “relaxing” massage as the work can be very deep and intense. It is however extremely effective in treating specific areas that need release.

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