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Geriatric Massage : for Elderly / Senior Citizens

How massage can help seniors:

  • Provides relief from joint pain and swelling due to rheumatoid arthritis
  • Improves posture and coordination & flexibility
  • Relieves chronic muscle tension, neck, shoulder & back pain
  • Soothes dry, itchy skin by increasing circulation to the skin, thus improving tone and elasticity. The oils and creams used during the massage naturally moisturize the skin.
  • Improves sleep (relief of muscle tension increases comfort and deepens sleep)
  • Excelerates healing from injuries or surgery (Increased circulation improves the flow of oxygen and nutrients to cells and removes toxins)
  • Increases energy and mental alertness (Increased circulation brings improved nutrition to the cells and oxygen to the brain. This can increase energy levels and improve mental clarity)

About Geriatric / Senior Massage

Massage Therapy is especially beneficial for seniors, as it can help ease the discomforts of getting older. Throughout my years working with the elderly, I have learned massage techniques that are able to help seniors feel more comfortable in their bodies. Senior Massage, sometimes referred to as Geriatric Massage, is a massage modality expressly intended to benefit the elderly. The benefits of healing touch through massage can be particularly helpful to seniors who are limited in their activities and/or are not experiencing day to day loving touch due to the loss of a spouse.

Senior Home Massage

For elderly clients who are unable to come to my office, home visits are available. While massaging an elderly person, I keep in mind that aging bodies require more love and care. If the client is able to lie on a massage table, they are positioned with care so that comfort is the focus and their body can relax fully during the session. If they are unable to lie on the table, then I work with them sitting in their favorite chair, or sitting in a chair leaning forward onto a table cushioned by pillows. For clients who are wheelchair-bound or who are restricted to their beds, I can work on them without them having to change position. For people who are mostly sedentary, massage can be very helpful in encouraging blood flow and lymph fluid movement, increasing tonicity of the muscles and removing metabolic waste products from the tissues. Massage is a type of passive excercise that pumps the muscles full of oxygenated-rich blood. Often a full body massage is not necessary and the client can benefit from receiving hand and foot reflexology, and some light massage around their neck, shoulders and hip joints.

Thoughts on my experience working with the elderly through massage

For the past 12 years, I have had the opportunity to practice massage with seniors ranging in ages 60-100. My experience working on seniors has been extremely rewarding, not only because of the intimate connection that I make with each person but because I feel I am making a difference in their lives. Caring touch benefits emotional well-being in seniors—a population at greater risk of suffering from depression. The power of touch is underestimated in our society. It is so very important for people of all ages but especially for the elderly. I have seen and continue to see many improvements in people’s lives because of it.

Areas of service for senior home massage

Serving the following upstate New York towns & the surrounding area:

  • Rhinebeck, NY 12572
  • Kingston, NY 12401
  • Saugerties, NY 12477
  • Poughkeepsie, NY 12601, 12603
  • New Paltz, NY 12561
  • Stone Ridge, NY 12484

Please call even if you do not see your town listed above

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